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    SKU: duo_blue_popz BLUE POPZ DOSEEZ DUO


    Doseez gummies and sprays are different. If you love the flavor, why not try both and save some money with a DoseezDuo!

    Doseez Blue Popz tickles your tastebuds with the flavor of a classic Blue Slushie! 

    Our delicious Delta 8 THC gummies are a nice, easy ascent that can take up to an hour to feel. 25 mg is usually a perfect place to start if you're not sure about how Delta-8 THC will affect you. Our oversized gummies can easily be sliced in half...or even ensure the perfect dose for you.

     Our fast-acting line of Delta-8 THC sprays are more like an escalator. You'll feel the effect much sooner. 

    They create an EZ way to control a perfect dose. Each 1 oz. bottle contains either 500 or 1000mg of Delta-8 THC, making it ideal for people new to Delta 8, or for those looking to micro-dose low levels throughout the day.

    The spray bottle is also compact, so it's easy to discreetly carry around in a pocket or purse.

    This duo includes one package of 10 delicious 25mg gummies and one bottle of either 500mg or 1000mg spray in same flavor. No substitutions, please. 

    WARNING: Reproductive Harm -